Specification Clarification Questions

MESA does its best to ensure our specifications are as clear as possible. However, there are times during the Engineering Design Process rules need to be clarified. In those instances student participants may submit Specification Clarification Questions. Specification Clarification questions must be emailed to azmesa@arizona.edu. Questions should be discussed with MESA teachers prior to submission. Submitted questions should include your name, your school, and the MESA teacher should be copied on the email.

Question: The rules state that there must be a remote trigger. Does this mean no one can stand on the catapult to hold it down when launching?

  • Answer: That is correct. For safety purposes, students are not allowed within a meter of the launcher when launching. Students can approach the launcher to reset it and must clear the area before launching the next shot.

Question: Are we allowed to use cardboard? Since paper is made from wood and cardboard is made from wood, isn't cardboard a type of paper?

  • Answer: Yes, you can use cardboard as it is a type of paper. This would also apply to other types of paper like construction paper or newsprint.

Question: Will the helicopters be tested indoors or outdoors?

  • Answer: They will be tested outdoors.

Question: Can we us paper tape for the helicopter?

  • Answer: No, although it is made of paper the adhesive that makes it tape is not allowed. Paper is the one and only material allowed for this challenge.