Facts and Figures

Summary of Data 2005-2015

Arizona Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (AZMESA) is a school based outreach program designed to increase access to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pathways and encourage college readiness for low-income, minority or first-generation collegebound students in grades 6-12.

Recently, AZMESA submitted students’ names who participated from 2005-2015 to the National Student Clearing House to determine the impact of MESA on college success.

  • AZMESA alums earned 147 Associate’s degrees, 156 professional certificates, 396 Bachelor’s degrees, 40 Master’s degrees, and 4 Doctoral degrees.
  • 57% of MESA students attend post secondary education, which is higher than the 53.1% for Arizona high schools (2016).
  • 43.2% of students entering college declared for a STEM major.
  • 44.7% of students finished college with a STEM degree
  • STEM degrees by gender:
    • 35% female
    • 65% Male
  • STEM degrees by ethnicity (% of all degrees completed by identified group) 
    • White: 57%
    • Hispanic: 42%
    • African American: 48%
    • Native American: 75%
    • Asian/Pacific Islander: 66%
    • Other: 50%
    • Unknown/No answer: 71%
  • The average MESA student spent 1.5 years (3 semesters) in STEM in college
  • 3% of students switched from a STEM degree to a non-STEM degree
  • 4% of students switched from a non-STEM degree to a STEM degree
  • Students who participated in MESA for 3+ years were four (4) times more liked to earn a Bachelor’s degree than students with similar demographic information.
  • Students who participate in MESA in high school are four (4) times more likely to earn a Bachelor’s degree and twelve (12) times more likely to earn a Master’s degree than students with similar demographic information.
  • 43.2% of middle school participants who identified as female earned a STEM degree
  • 7.5% of students have transferred from Community College to University.  They have a 57.9% completion rate.