Regional Design Days

MESA Regional Design Days are an important event for students enrolled in MESA who have been working on the design challenges. This event will help students prepare for the statewide competition, MESA Day, by providing them an opportunity to test their designs, gather data, and recieve feedback from our volunteer judges.

Up to three teams per school are allowed to participate in each of the three design challenges. Click on the links below for flyers with more information. Registration for this event is handled by the MESA teacher from each school. 

Tentative Agenda:
8:00 - 9:00 am          School Check-in - Chaperones will check-in for the school and turn in paperwork.
                                   Team Check-in and Specification Check - Student teams will go to the challenge locations , check-in their team, and have their designs cleared for testing by judges.
9:00 - 11:45 am        Design Testing - students will test their design or share their design ideas with judges.
12:00 pm                   Closing Session



Central Region Design Day will take place at Grand Canyon University for schools in the Phoenix metro and surrounding areas.

Southern Region Design Day will take place at The University of Arizona for schools in the Tucson metro and surrounding areas. More information will be provided in the spring.

Regional Design Day Registration Form - To be completed by the MESA Advisor will be available in the Spring