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Adviser Resources

MESA Sponsors, aka Advisors, are a lynchpin of the MESA program. Advisors are the primary facilitators at the school and our access point to students. The primary responsibilities of the advisors are to:

  • Recruit 15 or more students to join MESA
  • Hold weekly meetings
  • Encourage and support college and STEM exposure
  • Facilitate use of Engineering Design Process and Engineering Design Notebooks
  • Share best practices with the MESA community
  • Register students for competitions
  • Incorporate college access monthly during meetings
  • Have students fill out Student Information Form (SIF) and return them to MESA office
  • Maintain communication with MESA office

If you are interested in starting MESA at your school please contact us at


Here are some documents that will help advisers throughout the year.


Engineering Websites

Some helpful sites for exploring the Engineering Design Process

Engineering Websites

Tool Usage

MESA students can use a variety of tools.  Here are some links to help teach them proper usage of some of the most common tools.

Tool Usage Links