MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition

Arduino Based Solutions for Humans

The MESA National Engineering Design Competition brings together the top middle and high school MESA teams from around the nation to showcase projects that used a Human-Centered Design Approach to develop an Arduino-based solution to meet the needs of their human client.

The 2020 National Competition has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Contact your state representatives with any questions you have. See the contact list below.

Competition Overview:

The National Engineering Design Competition, Arduino-based Solutions for Humans, asks students to implement the Human-Centered Design approach to find a client in their community who has a need, engineer a solution for this need using Arduino as the key component, and present their solution and recommendation(s) for next steps at the MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition. 


      2019-2020 Competition Documents:

      Registration of student teams is handled by each MESA state office.

      The following documents should be used to train volunteer judges. Theses documents have been designed to provide judges a standard from which to work from when assigning scores. If you have any questions feel free to contact the NEDC Rules Committee Chair, Manny Leon, at

      Pitch Materials Coming Soon


      When asking for clarification on the National Competition Rules or for any other question about the National Competition the following process will be used:

      1. Teams must contact their state representative via email (see the list below).*

      2. If possible, the state representative will respond via email. This question and the response will also be provided to other schools within that state.

      3. If necessary, the representative will contact the National Rules Committee to discuss the question. The committee’s decision will be relayed to all states for public distribution and the question will be listed on the national FAQ list on the MESA USA website (MESAUSA.ORG).

      * Questions sent directly to the National Rules Committee will be rerouted to the state representative.

      Arizona - Manny Leon,

      California - Carlos Gonzalez,

      Colorado - Diana Silva,

      Maryland - Jason Cartwright,

      Nevada - Claire Parker,

      New Mexico - Anita Gonzales,

      Oregon - Tamara Depue,

      Pennsylvania - Victoria Carberry,

      Utah - Dr. Paul Ross,

      Washington - Elizabeth Stephens,