MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition

Arduino Based Solutions for Humans

The MESA National Engineering Design Competition will bring together the top middle and high school MESA teams from around the nation to showcase projects that used a Human-Centered Design Approach to develop an Arduino based solution to meet the needs of their human client.

June 19 - 21, 2019 (Tentative)!

Competition Overview:

The National Engineering Design Competition, Arduino Based Solutions for Humans, asks students to implement the Human-Centered Design approach to find a client in your community who has a need, engineer a solution for this need using Arduino as the key component, and present therr solution and recommendation(s) for next steps at the MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition. 

The components listed below will be used to assess the effective implementation of a Human-Centered Design approach, effective implementation of the Engineering Design Process, the functionality of the prototype, and successful integration of Arduino as the main component of the prototype.

  1. Technical Presentation & Interview- The objective is to provide an overview of the prototype functionality including a technical explanation of the mechanical operations, software operations, and integration of the two. Students will prepare a short presentation and demonstration of the functionality of the prototype followed by a question and answer session with judges.
  2. Poster & Symposium - The objective is to provide an overview of their project, highlighting key points of the design process including relevant data, presenting the resulting prototype, and share conclusions and recommendations for further development. Students will prepare a printed academic poster which can be used during a public poster symposium to provide an easily understood overview of the project and the prototype. The poster will also be required during the Technical Presentation & Interview.
  3. Project Report - The objective is to provide an overview of the design process and demonstrate team’s effective use of the Engineering Design Process. Students will write a 5-10 page report that contains their problem statement, summary of the design process, results, conclusion and next steps supported by pictures, charts, tables, and/or graphs. The report should be a journey through the design process and demonstrate key points of the process and why design choices were made. The report will have an appendix containing the commented Arduino code and detailed budget.
  4. Prototype Pitch - The objective is to convince investors or management that the design meets the client’s needs, is superior to other options available, and has business value as a product. Students will prepare a creative, engaging presentation to pitch their prototype to an audience, including a group of judges. The presentation should define the problem; provide a detailed description of their client and their needs; discuss current solutions to the problem and their weaknesses; provide a demonstration of their prototype highlighting its advantages, and demonstrate the business value of the product including a market analysis and marketing plan.



National Engineering Design Competition Specifications

National Engineering Design Competition Resource Document

Addendum for Continuing Projects

Registration information for the National Competition should  be available in May

The following documents should be used to train volunteer judges. Theses documents have been designed to provide judges a standard from which to work from when assigning scores. If you have any questions feel free to contact the NEDC Rules Committee Chair, Manny Leon, at

If you have questions about the Specifications prior to your local events please reach out to your state representative below. Questions about specifications for the National Event should be directed to the NEDC Rules Committee Chair, Manny Leon, at

Arizona - Manny Leon,

California - Carlos Gonzalez,

Maryland - Jason Cartwright,

Nevada - Rebecca Fisher,

New Mexico - Anita Gonzales,

Oregon - Tamara Depue,

Pennsylvania - Victoria Carberry,

Utah - Dr. Paul Ross,

Washington - Debbie Blas,